How to get small loan


What is small loan

The small loan is of this kind in which you get less capital, and in that, you fulfill your needs. The small loan means a small capital..

How to get small loan

the Canada small business financing program makes it easier for small businesses to obtain loans from financial institutions because the government shares the risk with the lenders am I eligible if you’re a for-profit small business or startup operating in Canada and you have gross annual revenues of ten million dollars or less you may be eligible you may qualify for loans to a maximum of 1 million dollars to establish your startup or to expand or improve your small business what can i finance for the purchase or improvement of equipment including business vehicles and for renovations to leased property by a tenant loans are capped at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars loans of up to 1million dollars are available for the purchase or improvement of commercial properties however there are some restrictions for example you cannot use a loan to finance among other things working capital inventory labor or advertising how do I apply for a loan to apply for a loan you must present your business proposal directly to achartered bank credit union or Caisse populaire your financial institution is responsible for approving the loan to find a participating commercial lender near you consult the map of financial institutions on the industry Canada website at ICGC CA /c s BFP for more information about the Canada small business financing program visit the about the program page on our website or contact us toll free at one eight six six nine five nine one six nine nine the Canada small business loan financing program helping your business start or grow

How to get small loan

and we’re going to talk about government grants and financing a huge question of clients that come into our office is whether there are grants available for their small business startup there are a few categories that the province of Ontario and the Government of Canada do like to fund that I’m going to talk to you about today the first is Aboriginal arts and culture agriculture aerospace and renewable energy the government is also interested in providing funds to new and innovative companies there are a few different places online that we can look for grants and financing and there are also some websites that make themselves as if they’re government grants and financing however they’re not and I highly recommend to stay away from those the one website..

how to get small loan

I highly recommend you use to look for your own small business startup and whether there is a grant available is Canada business Ontario and this website is Canada business dossier on Canada business dossier there is alocation where you can find financing so it talks about finding government grants loans or financing programs you can click on the find financing tab and they’ll take you in to a couple different areas it’ll ask you to fill out your purpose of financing so whether you’re looking to start or buy a business hire or train employees or research and develop and commercialize a new product or idea it also asks you where your business location is so different provinces and territories around Canada do have different options for government grants and financing and this business location is important today we’re going to click on Ontario and we’ll press search this website searches through all of the different ministries and federal government programs that could be available for your business as you can see here there are a hundred and nine programs available in Ontario you can click on any one of these programs and they’ll give you a brief detail on what the program involves and how much looking at being able to fund your small business and then it can actually take you straight to this website where you can apply for these types of grants as mentioned previously there aren’t quite a few websites out there that aren’t government grant websites that pose themselves and make themselves look like they are please watch out for these and go to Canada business Ontario currently to stay updated on grants and financing.


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